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AI-powered Marketing Campaigns.
Now on your mobile.

Simplify how you create Facebook and Google ads for your business. Create your first ad for free.
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Introducing OneTap

Supercharged by AI, OneTap is a social media agency in your pocket. Create Google and Facebook Ads on the fly and see how well your ads are doing. All possible with just 'One Tap'.

Hey there, Business Owner!

Wow. Promoting my business on social media is so easy.

Want to say those words?

Well, look no further with OneTap.

With OneTap, you can manage your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns all from one convenient platform. No more wasting time logging in and out of different apps or getting bogged down in confusing interfaces.

Switching between all your business social media accounts is tiring. We understand.

I know you're wishing that there was an
 AI bot 🤖 to write your ads too.

You'll be able to tap AND fill in information AND generate an ad AND regenerate an ad AND... I think you know what else you can do. When you're satisfied, you can publish your campaign.

But that's not all – OneTap also provides real-time reports so you can stay on top of your campaigns and adjust your strategy on the fly. Whether you need monthly, weekly, or even daily reports, OneTap has got you covered.

And the best part?

You can measure the real impact of your campaigns on your business.

No more wondering if your ads are actually making a difference – with OneTap, you'll have the data you need to make informed decisions.

See how OneTap Works 👇

Connect, Create, Craft & Optimise with just 'One Tap'. Explore our stunning features.


Connect your Google Ad and Facebook Ad Accounts

Experience the ease of integrating your Google Ads and Facebook Ad Accounts in OneTap

Create AI-powered Campaigns in Seconds

Use the power of AI to write custom-made advertisements in seconds.


Craft your Perfect Audience

Choose the audience you want to target and publish your advertisements on Facebook and Google

Optimise your Campaign

Get real-time reports on your campaign perforance and improve your campaigns.


Love our features? Create your first ad for free.


Peter W.

Tech CEO

The app not only greatly simplifies campaign creation, it has comprehensive tracking and reporting facilities to assess the merits and success of campaigns. These are powerful and invaluable reporting tools for busy users in a time-constrained world.

Donnie B.


Ads are easier to set up using the app, instead of logging into large and cumbersome​ dashboards with too much technical jargon and information.

Tom T.

Gym Owner

The simplicity of the app, never having done Google ads before; it gave me a good insight and sample of how my ads would work. 

Our Impact on Businesses 🎯


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We've streamlined the campaign management process tenfold.
Your team is next.

Introducing OneTap 👇

Supercharged by AI, OneTap is a social media agency in your pocket. Create Google and Facebook Ads on the fly and see how well your ads are doing. All possible with just 'One Tap'.


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